This podcast is hosted by me, Nicole Antoinette. Hello! That's my smiling face over there in the photo, which was taken in my friend's house in Bend, Oregon. The cactus tattoo is a memento of when I solo-hiked the 800-mile Arizona Trail. That cookbook you can (kind of) see in the background is Glazed, Filled, Sugared & Dipped: Easy Doughnut Recipes to Fry or Bake at Home. Yes, there is cat hair on that black shirt. Hiking, food, cats—what else could you possibly need to know about me, ha?

(If you do want more you can find info on my other projects, writing, and workshops over at nicoleantoinette.com)


This show is filled with honest conversations about... everything! In 200+ episodes we've covered: money, polyamory, boundaries & self care, ditching fast fashion, sobriety, being anti-diet, suicide prevention, long-distance hiking, death, building a creative business, pregnancy & parenthood, gender, and so much more.


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New episodes are released 2-3 x per month.


I am totally obsessed with the transformative power of honest conversations.

You know that feeling you get when someone shares something you can instantly relate to—a secret fear, a big dream, an embarrassing moment, a daily frustration—and you're nodding along so hard you think your head might pop off? That feeling of, "Oh my gosh, yes, ME TOO!!" that rushes in when we're reminded that we aren't alone is my favorite thing, and facilitating these kinds of conversations is the heart of my work. It's the reason Real Talk Radio exists!


Our show is 100% listener-funded, with no ads or sponsors. Also: All of our guests get paid, and higher rates are always paid to our guests of color, as well as our LGBTQIA+ guests and others with traditionally marginalized identities. The funding to create this show and pay all the guests comes entirely from the 400+ people in our Patreon community, which operates on a shame-free sliding scale that allows each community member to support from within their means.

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