You are officially invited to help build something brand new for Real Talk Radio: a series of short community episodes.

(Omg! I am so excited about these!)

The format we're experimenting with in the coming months is: one question + multiple answers.

Meaning that I have chosen three questions (listed below) which will each get their own 15-20 minute episode. To participate, you can choose to answer any (or all!) of the questions below, and I will compile 6-8 responses per question into the final episode. Easy!

And now for some housekeeping:

  • Please record yourself answering the question (a simple voice memo on your phone is fine, if you don't have the ability to record on a computer or with an external mic—but please do be mindful of background noises, echo, and overall sound quality; using headphones with a mic, like iPhone headphones, helps a ton, or you could pretty easily use QuickTime on a computer)
  • Keep your answer to 2 minutes, max
  • These will be anonymous—no need to include your name or other identifying details
  • Email me your recording at hello(at)nicoleantoinette(dot)com by Sunday January 31.
  • You don't need to be an "expert" on the topic in order to participate; I am just looking for honest, specific, and true-to-YOU answers!
  • Don't get bogged down in perfectionism and self-doubt. After 5 years of hosting a podcast and being a guest on various podcasts I know allll about the fears of "does my voice sound weird" and "is my answer 'good' enough?" and all of that. Please be kind to yourself! You are being invited to join this series because I care about your story and opinions 🙂

And now, here are the first three questions. Remember that you can answer one question, two questions, or all three questions—just please create separate recordings for separate questions. Note: If I get more than 6-8 responses for any one question I won't be able to use them all; please don't be upset by that!

Question 1: What is your financial priority for 2021, and what are 1-2 specific things you're going to do in service of it?

Question 2: In what ways is your life fulfilling? In what ways do you feel something is missing?

Question 3: How do you balance what seems like it NEEDS to get done vs. what brings you joy?

Can't wait to see what comes of this new round of experimentation; thank you (so much!) for participating!