Hi! Before reaching out, please read the following:
  • Guest pitches for Real Talk Radio: If you're reaching out to pitch yourself (or someone else) as a guest on my show, please know that I typically book guests far in advance, and that if I don't get back to you it either means I don't have a spot open for you yet, or that for any number of reasons you might not be the right fit. Due to time constraints, I am only able to respond to pitches that I'd love to move forward with. Don't take it personally, please!
  • Podcast invitations for Nicole: Yes, I would probably love to be a guest on your podcast! Podcasting is my favorite, so please do send those invitations along and I will respond to any invitation that is a good match for my schedule and interests.
  • Personal notes: If you're reaching out to say hi, please know that I truly love hearing from my community and that I do my best to respond to as many of these types of emails as possible. With that said, I am only human and therefore things sometimes do slip through the cyber cracks. Apologies if that happens!
  • Other requests: There are a few types of requests that I am not interested in and will therefore not respond to, including: invitations to join group teleseminars, do product reviews, coach or offer 1-on-1 advice, write or blog for free, publish guest posts/content, promote an event/service/thing, beta test new programs/apps, etc.

And, lastly:

A strange as it might sound, one of my goals is to be worse at email. What? Yes. Because while I love connecting online, something that I love even more is what happens in my life and work when I'm not constantly refreshing email and social media. (I bet you can relate to this, yes??)

Instead, I have pledged to devote myself exclusively to a handful of Most Important Things, which by default means that I won't be in my inbox quite as often. It doesn't mean that I don't adore hearing from you, though! This is simply my attempt at graceful boundaries.

With all of that said, you can reach me via email at: hello(at)nicoleantoinette(dot)com

Note: I will be on summer sabbatical from June 29 - September 7, 2020.