Every month (ish) I write honest stories about my real life.

These are stories of joy, adventure, resilience, love, sobriety, growth, and self-trust, and they get to the heart of the questions I am most curious about. Questions like:

Why is there a gap between what I say I want and what I actually do? How do I keep going when things feel impossible? What does it look like to be brave in my regular life? Can I learn to be both more resilient and more joyful? If I truly loved myself, how would I act? What can I offer in the fight to build a more just world?

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Kind Words from Readers

In huge part thanks to your writing, I went for something big this year. A huge career change. A massively competitive program. Something terrifying, and exciting, and ultimately (I hope) well worth it. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for showing women that we can do hard things. That our lives don’t have to look the way others might have imagined. And that we can be and do great things. — Kristi

You are my role model for living a life of integrity. Thank you for sharing your process. — Meg

I’m reading your email and crying. I’m going through a difficult situation at work, and if I didn’t have debt and need to support myself I would leave. Acknowledging my truth in this situation is powerful... hence the crying; it feels so good to acknowledge these feelings! Thank you for writing the most honest thing. — Shirley

The last few emails have all hit so close to home for me, touching on things that I am really struggling with in my life right now. Thank you so much for your brave vulnerability. These emails really do make my Friday better. — Mary

Thank you for these notes. I refresh and refresh my email the morning I know it's arriving, just waiting for the email to show up. Your writing is so relatable and refreshing. Every single time. I can feel your vulnerability through the words and it comforts me and reminds me that I’m not alone. Your emails are the only ones I anticipate and read every time. — Ashlee

I've had the worst week, Nicole. And I'm sitting here, exhausted in bed and in so much physical and emotional pain and oddly, I was scrolling through my inbox and realized tomorrow is Friday. And Fridays mean a note from Nicole that makes me feel better 100% of the time. Your work is important to me and your truth telling is meaningful. Please keep sharing. You never know whose Friday and days you are saving or making better. — Christine