Hi! Nicole here, and I'm so so (so!) excited about having you as a guest on Real Talk Radio.

I want this to be as fun and easy for you as possible, so I've put together a list of tips and instructions for how we can co-create an episode that we're both ridiculously proud of and dying to share with the world.

I've been a guest on my share of podcasts over the years, and this is the type of thing I always wished the host would send me. So... here I am doing it for you!

How to schedule our recording session
  • Simply click here to access my online scheduling tool, which will allow you to sign up for a 90-min recording slot. Once you do that, we'll be all set.
  • If you can't find a day/time on my schedule that works for you, let me know and we'll figure something else out. I want you on the show and I'm happy to be as flexible as possible!
Before we talk
  • About a week before we're set to record I'll email you and ask for your bio and a high-res photo. Photos should be oriented in landscape mode (wide, not tall) and be minimum 1800 x 1200. If you want to send a couple of photos, that would be great!
  • In that same email I'll also ask for your PayPal email address, and you will be paid upon completion of our recording session.
Recording tips
  • We'll be recording via Zencastr, and I'll send you the link you'll use to join the call in the pre-recording email mentioned above.
  • Zencastr does not currently work on devices like phones, so you'll need to be on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Chrome is best but Zencastr will work in Firefox too—just make sure you're using the latest version of the browser, and please quit out of all other browsers and programs before we begin.
  • The neat thing about Zencastr is that it records locally (meaning your side of the convo is recorded on your end and my side is recorded on my end) and then the files are automatically uploaded into my dashboard at the end of the call. This ensures that the recording will sound the best it can possibly sound, even if the internet dips out for a moment at any point. However, since the recording happens locally you'll need to ensure you have space for that to save on your computer. Usually this is not a problem as the files are not very big, unless your hard drive is basically full—let me know if you think this will be an issue!
  • At the end of our conversation I will stop the recording, and Zencastr will upload our interview. You must leave the browser open while this is happening. Wait for the pop up notification letting you know that this is done.
  • When we record, please wear wired headphones to prevent feedback in the audio (preferably not phone headphones if possible). If you have a mic that's better than your laptop mic (such as a USB mic) please connect that and get it set up before you join the Zencastr call. You'd be surprised at what a big difference a good mic can really make!
  • Please do your best to eliminate background noise. Ideally you'd record in the smallest and quietest room possible to reduce outside noise and echoes. A perfect recording environment is hardly ever possible (even for me, as the host!) but it helps a lot if you can: 1) shut your windows and doors, 2) turn off any machines or devices that make a constant noise, and 3) put your pets somewhere they won’t disturb you. Oh! And when we're recording please try not to tap or bang the table, swivel in your chair, or fidget with anything. Your mic will pick all of that up.
  • Please also use the fastest possible internet connection (if you can plug into a router instead of just using wifi, great!)
  • Lastly: our interview will be audio-only, so feel free to wear your comfiest pajamas 🙂
How we'll create the best episode ever
  • Real Talk Radio is a podcast filled with honest conversations about... everything! My mission in creating this show is to make listeners feel less alone, and anything you want to say or share is great. I've found that people most love listening to stories, so feel free to answer any of my questions with a story. Listeners also love to hear specific details about your life, so the more detailed you can be, the better.
  • No restrictions on language/swearing. Just be yourself!
  • Remember: you're on the show because I adore what you're doing in the world, and I think my wonderful community absolutely needs to get to know you. So I'm totally confident that anything you want to share will be fabulous!
  • Once the episode goes live I'll send you a link via email, but please know that there's no pressure for you to share it in any particular way. It feels icky to me when people demand that kind of thing, so I don't do it. To be honest, my hope is that I will have given you the platform and space to create a piece of content that you're truly excited to share; that's my #1 goal!

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to give me a shout, otherwise you can expect that email from me a few days before we record to grab your bio, photos, and PayPal info for payment, and then we'll rock + roll from there.

Thanks again for coming on the show. It's going to be great!