Hi friends!

If you've found your way here I bet it's because you're interested in learning more about my Q4 Mastermind Group: Close The Gap.

Why that name?

Because one of my lifelong obsessions is the question of, "How do we close the gap between what we say we want and what we actually do?" 

I have been thinking about, working with, and iterating on that question for many, many years, and as I'm sure you know by now it's the question that forms the backbone of much of my work.

Since you're here, I'm guessing you're deeply interested in this question yourself.

People like us are fascinated by what it takes to live with both grit (how to push, building the resilience to do hard things) and grace (how to rest, knowing that nothing feels good without self-kindness). We are lit up by the process of setting the right-fit goals for ourselves—not because of the outcome but because of who we become on the other side of having tried.

Doing this work of closing the gap on our own is possible, but doing it alongside an intimate community is infinitely more fun and fulfilling. That's where this group comes in!

More than anything, this group is a place where folks who share my values (honesty, resilience, justice, and joy) can come together for friendship and fun, and to form a small and supportive group who will hold space for each other's goals and dreams for 10 weeks, in the form of a Mastermind Group. 

Because of this group I have more friends! I also improved my communication skills; I am more careful when communicating with folks, I am better at asking for what I want, AND I know now that I can just witness people sharing their issues without having to come and fix everything. That was a big lesson. My advice for anyone who is considering this? DO IT. If you are even a tiny bit considering doing it... just do it! The mastermind will help you work toward your goals in your daily life. Plus you will be supported by the best people. Last reason: Nicole. I mean. You already know that she's amazing because you're thinking about it. But, in real life, she's even better. Her brain is incredible. Her love for everybody in the group is so palpable. I felt so lucky this entire time. — Clara

I've always been someone who enjoys keeping journals and setting goals on my own, but decided I'd like to try these activities in a group setting last summer. And it's been SO worth it! It is incredibly valuable to be surrounded by a community of smart, honest, authentic, compassionate women as we pursue our goals and navigate life. Nicole is a wonderful leader with a keen intuition for knowing what mix of affirmation and tough love you need. This group has absolutely helped me feel empowered and less alone. None of the major world religions really resonate with me, which is fine, but I feel like I've been missing out on that weekly opportunity for reflection and community. I really think this group has filled that void. I plan on staying with this group for the long term! — Hannah

Who is this group for?

This Mastermind Group is for folks who are craving some gentle structure and accountability for the final few months of the year. If you'd love to move forward with a project, goal, intention, or exploration (particularly at the tail end of a year that's been anything but ordinary!) this group will support you in that.

(No, you don't have to have a project or goal already picked out in order to join! Although if you are indeed coming into this group with a clear idea of what you'd like to work on, that's fine too.)

I know that this year has been ~a lot~ and that for most of us the past 6+ months have been filled with uncertainty and fear. If you have been carrying all of that on your own shoulders, and if you'd benefit from the experience of having someone else hold space for you as you finally focus a bit on you for the remainder of this year, that is exactly what I (and this group!) are here for.

This is for you if:

  • You've been craving more openness, honesty, laughter, and friendship in your daily life
  • There's something (a goal, project, intention, experiment) that you'd love to dedicate time and energy to for the next few months, and it would be such a relief not to feel alone while you do it
  • You've struggled in the past with the cycle of getting really excited about a goal and then watching it fizzle out after a few days or weeks
  • You're curious to see, in real time, how other people like you balance work, family, friends, solo passions, etc.
  • You'd love to wrap up this year with a sense of belonging, and the experience of being truly supported
  • You're excited about the idea of being part of a small supportive group where you can contribute to a fun, welcoming, encouraging, and non-judgmental experience that allows us all to be our best and most real selves in this final quarter of 2020

What will our time together be like?

This is a 10-week program, and we will be working & playing together from October 5 - December 13, 2020. 

That time will include:

  • 3 live two-hour workshops (Sun 10.11, Sun 11.8, and Sun 12.13 starting at 12pm Pacific // 3pm Eastern)
  • 8 weeks of real-time weekly accountability
  • 8 weekly co-working sessions
  • Private Slack community
  • Two 60-min live calls solely for fun and friendship

Here's a bit more detail about all of that:

  • To kick things off we'll have a week-long deep-dive in which everyone will get to know each other and set the stage for what we'll each be working on during our time together. This phase will include a live two-hour workshop, plus writing & journaling prompts to help you get clear on what you'll be focusing on for the duration of the program.
  • For 8 weeks (October 12 - December 11) you'll get real-time weekly accountability, using a shared spreadsheet where everyone can track their smaller goals/action steps. You will commit to updating your section of this spreadsheet by end-of-day each Sunday, which keeps us all present and focused in real time and allows me to give feedback, encouragement, and other offerings for you every Monday morning.
  • We'll also have weekly co-working sessions where you can show up exactly as you are (pajamas, messy hair, just-finished-a-sweaty-workout, whatever!) and harness the collective energy of working side-by-side with each other on our goals.
  • [Note that the week of November 23 (Thanksgiving week in the US) will be a "rest" week for us, in which we'll pause the pursuit of our individual goals and decide together on a collective way to honor and tangibly support Native and Indigenous people in our communities.]
  • Halfway through our 8-week accountability phase we'll gather together for our second live two-hour workshop, where I will be able to give you anything you might need: encouragement, deep questioning, tough love, etc. 
  • Then we'll close with a final wrap-up workshop to help you reflect on what went well, what felt challenging, and what comes next—not to mention a chance for some wonderful celebration and closure! 

This was such a safe and welcoming space; each of the live workshops brought me huge insights, and because of this group I made new friends on the internet. I have never done that before! I’m really proud of myself for honoring the commitment I made to show up to this without really knowing what it was going to be like. My favorite part was getting to see everyone else’s weekly goals and action steps on the spreadsheet—it really normalized the experience I’ve had of working through or towards my own goals, in that progress is not always linear. — Laurie

New additions for the Q4 group

I have now been hosting various Mastermind Groups for 18 months (!!), and in that time I've been blessed by the insights and recommendations of every person who has been through this program. With their thoughtful feedback in mind, here's what's been added for the Q4 session:

  • Private Slack community for real-time connection between you and the others in the group (I'll pop in at set times each week to answer questions, cheerlead, etc. as well!)
  • Two 60-min live calls solely for fun and friendship. These will take place between the first and second workshop, and between the second and third workshop, and will be informal gatherings where goal/productivity talk is strictly off-limits. This is playtime!

Program fee

This 10-week program is $549, which can be paid all at once or via a custom, shame-free extended monthly payment plan of your choice.

90% of people who join my Mastermind Groups are on a payment plan, and I'm happy to be as flexible as possible on the structure of your plan. Basically: if this feels like a "hell yes!" for you, let me know and we will work out the financial side of things.

I’m most proud of myself for saying yes to this group in the first place! At the time, the financial commitment felt like a lot, but then once I said yes it felt like not that much at all, especially compared to what I got in return. I finished my book (!), got emotional support, and made some new friends that I think I will truly actually stay in touch with. — Ellie

How to join

If you'd like to join the Q4 group, just email me at hello(at)nicoleantoinette(dot)com and we'll get you sorted out with next steps.

Some final thoughts...

This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I have a really tough time allowing myself to invest in... myself. The moment I even think about prioritizing my own joy or doing something meaningful to take care of myself and propel my goals forward (like joining a Mastermind!) my inner shit-talker starts going off, saying things like, "You should be spending this money in a 'better' way! Why do you think you deserve to take time for this? This is such a selfish and indulgent thing to do!!"

And then I start to feel the other (very human) doubts as well, things like: "Will I actually make friends? What if I'm awkward and weird, or what if I'm too much? Will people even like me??"

And yet, every time I've managed to ignore that fear voice and take the risk, say yes, and show up with an open mind and heart, it's been worth it. Every single time.

Only you can know if this program feels like a "hell yes!" for you. Only you can tell if, when reading about it and thinking about it, you have that gut feeling that you really, really want to spend these 10 weeks with me.

And if you do? I hope you'll give yourself that gift. You deserve it, and I promise that I will do absolutely everything I can to make sure it feels well worth it in the end <3



PS - If you have any questions at all, just let me know! No question is too small or silly to ask 🙂

What do past participants have to say about their experience?

This group dynamic of coming together to share and (almost more importantly) to listen is a balm for the fast-paced shallowness that often haunts conversations in our day-to-day lives. It feels especially noteworthy that we were all functionally strangers before we started working together, and that deliberate vulnerability with strangers is a powerful thing. To the extent that other things "like" this group even exist (because it really does feel beautifully unique!), I don't tend to take risks like this. I had been wanting to engage with Nicole’s work more intentionally/personally for a long time, and when I saw this Mastermind Group I replied almost on a whim. I am so, so grateful for that whim. Permission to take a risk like that, one that focuses on my own creativity and direction, is HUGE (for me, and in general—and it having turned out so lovely will definitely make me more willing to take other risks in the future.) So whatever that quality is, that willingness to take a risk for myself and my well-being, that feels like the biggest benefit I received from this group—although I also reconnected with my writing practice in a way that feels simultaneously meaningful and disciplined without being so staunch as to accidentally crush my creative drive. Aside from that, I deeply value my budding friendships, and the discovery of the sheer, nigh unbelievable power of virtual coworking will definitely continue to rock my world. — Dana

I loved having dedicated space/time to work on my goal -- it became something at the forefront of my mind instead of something I wanted to do in the vague, fuzzy future. It made this goal, and the actions it requires, PRESENT for me. Overall, this is a group that offers a container to help you figure out what it is you're needing most right now, and the support and accountability to move forward toward your goal...but you have to be ready to work on it. Like most things, this isn't a magical button you push that gets your goal accomplished -- and that might not even be the thing you need from this work in the end! It also offers you the opportunity to witness others as they work on this stuff too -- and that can offer unique learning experiences for you that you didn't expect. And I'd also say that if you're a fan of the honest conversations and questions Nicole asks in each of her podcast episodes, than you're going to love being a participant in those kinds of honest conversations and being asked those [not always easy to answer] questions -- they help you uncover more than you thought you would, and the answers may surprise you. — Kahea

I absolutely love working with Nicole and the awesome women in my Mastermind Group—their support and accountability has helped me move forward on my goals. Nicole has a way of supporting & guiding me by asking me questions of reflection that help me see my goal and the steps I am taking in a way that has changed me. I feel supported, guided and energized! — Liz

The biggest benefit for me, by far, was the community aspect of this program — not being alone. In this group we witnessed each other as we were. Each one of us -- without being changed -- brought support and inspiration to the group. We used our own lives and everyday situations as places to practice living our values and feeling how we wanted to feel (and sitting with / feeling the feelings we didn't want to feel, but which arose!). I've done this type of work on my own for years, but doing it in community with other women was a completely different experience. If you’re most comfortable by yourself, as I am, the space Nicole creates could not be a better, safer, kinder, encouraging place to do this type of work. She is Queen of Nuance. As in, your spoken words in a moment do not define you. You’re not pinned down / frozen to anything. Nicole recognizes we’re all fluid, emotions come and go, words have limitations, we each have varying strengths of expressing ourselves verbally. This is known and understood and practiced by all in the group -- you don't have to add disclaimers to anything! That in itself is so freeing. And the women in the community she’s cultivated over years and years of sticking to these values? They are just as open, kind, receptive, curious, gentle, inclusive. And you could meet (and become friends with!) seven real-live women like this in a mastermind! That’s amazing! — Rebecca

Cancellation Policy

When you purchase a spot at one of my live workshops, groups, retreats, or other events, please know that your ticket is non-refundable.

This means that even if your plans change, you can't cancel and get a refund.

But you can:

  • Sell your ticket to someone else
  • Give your ticket to someone else (lucky them!)
  • Attend a different event instead (depending on space availability, of course)

This lovingly tough cancellation policy reflects my commitment to you. I will show up for our event 100%, and I encourage you to do the same.

As my friend Alex (whose policies inspired me to create my own) says, "Just come. Don’t flake out. Be brave & show up. It’s good for the soul."