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L'Erin Alta on Truth, Intuition, and Giving Yourself Permission to Heal

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
L'Erin Alta on Truth, Intuition, and Giving Yourself Permission to Heal

L'Erin Alta is a spiritual teacher + mentor known for burning down the stale, fluffy, boring "self-help" formulas and helping women ignite true spiritual liberation. Her workshops, retreats and 1-on-1 intensives have been called, "transformation temples for unruly, soulful women".

She works with women whose lives have crossed a "shatter point," as she calls it — illness, bankruptcy, abuse, divorce, miscarriage — a moment when their world fell apart and they realized the money, the status, the degrees and "happily ever after" promises that they worked so hard for didn’t matter as much as they thought they did.

L'Erin is the guide that takes them deeper into their spiritual journey. She believes pain is a healing initiation and if honored, it will fortify you and bring you through the shadows into the light.

In this episode, which is the first one that L'Erin has done all year, she shares the honest story of what she did when her life fell apart toward the end of 2017. Through the story of what happened to her she also shares the intentional ways she has prioritized extreme self-care, recovery, and healing. We talk about the importance of truth in L'Erin's life and work, and why it's more important to her than ever to pay attention to and honor that which she knows to be true.

We talk about intuition vs fear, meditation, agency, sovereignty, and the power of giving yourself permission to be present with whatever is happening.

I often say that I wish people were more open and honest about their struggles in real time, and this is exactly what L'Erin showed up to do in this conversation. I'm so grateful to have had this discussion with her, and I hope you feel as comforted and inspired by it as I do.

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  1. Courtney Crosslin

    i remember when you “came back out” and mentioned something happened that turned your life upside down but never shared exactly what.

    but i knew immediately – i felt what you felt because i experienced something very similar that happened to me but on a diff time-frame (starting the fall of 2016 though 2017) – the person being a well-known public figure in that area.

    long story short – i ended up having to call the person out publicly because of the work they did — this was months before the “me too” movement and i was called crazy, jealous and bitter. then when those started to break, i expected the same people i considered friends and family (as a community of like-minded people fighting for social justice) to stand with me, but they never did.

    i ended up leaving, retreating but still fighting to bring awareness until my partner (one how said they despised “the system”) filed and order of protection against me to silence me.

    it was by far the most traumatic thing i’ve ever experienced (and i’ve some wild stories) i think in part because it was a romantic partner and someone who presented as the opposite of all we fought to dismantle — still given all of the pain, confusion, dark night of the soul, etc it broke my soul open in ways i could have never imagined!

    i’m grateful that i had safe spaces to retreat to as it took me a good year alone in a city where i knew no one to work through all of it. i spent much of that year working on restoring an old home I had purchased right before all hell broke loose and it by far (that physical activity — building something back up) was THE BEST THERAPY.

    i had also been self-employed (location independent) for 10 + years prior to that, so i am also deeply grateful for not having to get up and go into an office everyday during that time — although i ultimately ended my longest standing contract and the bulk of my income with no plan in place.

    the experience moved me into work i never considered – work that brought no income, but much more fulfilling and part of a larger plan.

    thank you for sharing your story with the world.