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Alexandra Franzen on Changing with Grace and How To Be More Intentional With Your Time

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Alexandra Franzen on Changing with Grace and How To Be More Intentional With Your Time

“At the end of my life, when I look back on my body of work, will I be saying to myself 'Wow, I’m so proud and so overjoyed that I tweeted 14,000 times' or will I say 'Wow, I’m really proud that I wrote seven novels that I poured my heart and soul into and that I feel really affected people.'” – Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen is a writer, communication expert, advice columnist and writing coach who believes that our life mission is to leave everything — apartments, national parks, people's hearts — in better condition than we found them.

In this episode, Alex opens up about her string of random (and hilarious) previous jobs, the decisive moment of starting her own business, the advice she’d go back and give her younger self in the beginning of that business, her choice to stay off social media, the surprise of falling in love with a man after years of only dating women, how she recently got super into fitness and mental toughness, the books she’s obsessing over right now, and more.

More About Alexandra

Her lessons on productivity, creativity and everyday woes (like inbox-clearing!) have been featured on Fast CompanyForbes,TimeNewsweekThe Huffington Post and on radio programs from coast to coast.

She has written three books — including a bestselling journal for couples — and has been profiled in six other books, including a bestselling guide to launching a creative business. Her words have also been featured in song lyrics, on posters, on product packaging and stenciled onto fine art paintings.

When she’s not teaching a seminar, ghostwriting for one of her (seriously cool) clients, or working on a new book of her own, she can be found strolling through Portland and searching for the world’s greatest almond croissant.

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