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Ash Ambirge on Building a Bold Business and Not Taking Crap From Anyone

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Ash Ambirge on Building a Bold Business and Not Taking Crap From Anyone

Ash Ambirge is the Founder & CEO of The Middle Finger Project, a place for people who want to learn online business but can't stand "newsletters," cheesy advice, tired clichés, words like "empowerment" or anything else that makes you roll your eyes and want to quit everything.

Her writing, workshops, and courses help people who want to be creative, have fun, and learn to love doing business... without feeling like a snake oil salesman. I'm in love with her bold, ballsy style, and can't wait for you to get to know her, too!

In this episode, we talk both business and personal life, and Ash shares her #1 tip for writing copy that engages your audience. She shares the struggles of assimilating when you move abroad, the story of how her first business tanked, and the struggles of learning to grow beyond what you believe is your fixed identity. We talk about jealousy, how to do self-care in a real way (instead of just thinking of it as a hippie buzzword), the memoir she's currently working on, plus her goal of helping entrepreneurs and creatives who want to continue to break through the noise. All in all, it's a conversation about stepping into yourself, taking risks, and being bold and ballsy.

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  1. Angela Ponsford

    LOVED this episode ladies. Feeling very inspired to get out there and share my true voice 🙂 I’ve just started working through your Six Appeal Process course Ash, so am feeling more confident to make some much-needed updates to my website copy!