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Brian Gardner on Simple Living and Building a Powerful Business

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Brian Gardner on Simple Living and Building a Powerful Business

Brian Gardner is a Partner and Chief Product Officer at Rainmaker Digital, a media company that provides tools and training for content marketers and digital entrepreneurs.

He's the founder of StudioPress, a creative line of business that is the industry standard for premium WordPress themes. Brian is also the creator of No Sidebar, a blog that helps people design a simple life by focusing on five areas -- Digital, Home, Life, Mind, Work.

In this episode, Brian tells the story of how he taught himself about design and WordPress while working full time, and then went on to create StudioPress, the leader in premium WordPress themes that's now used by over 160,000 website owners. Crazy, right? The best part is that Brian is such a kind, humble guy, and he's committed to authenticity in business and life. We talk about that a lot in this conversation, especially the dilemma of when to let other people in on whatever creative project you're working on, which is something I struggle with myself. Brian shares his views on minimalism and simplicity, why he doesn't read very much, how he became a long distance runner, his current obsession with Lana Del Rey's music, and more. It's a fun, well-rounded conversation that left me thinking about the power of unexpected opportunities. I hope you enjoy it!

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