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Cait Flanders on Decluttering, a Two-Year Shopping Ban, and Paying Off $30k of Debt

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Cait Flanders on Decluttering, a Two-Year Shopping Ban, and Paying Off $30k of Debt

Cait Flanders is a writer, podcaster and soon-to-be author.

She started her blog in 2011, and first used it to document her journey paying off $30,000 of consumer debt. She then went on to write about the two-year shopping ban she completed in 2016, in which time she also got rid of 75% of her belongings.

Cait now considers herself a more mindful consumer of everything, and she continues to share her story, in hopes it will inspire others to become a little more mindful too.

In this episode, Cait shares the story of how she hit rock bottom with her debt, how she then paid it all off, went on a two-year shopping ban, and fundamentally changed her relationship with stuff and with consumption in general.

We discuss the emotional stickiness of money, how she handles money now, why she needed to learn to accept herself in order to declutter her life, and why she doesn't really like the term "minimalist".

This whole conversation is open, honest, and refreshing, and I know you'll get just as much value, enjoyment, and reassurance out of this as I did!

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  1. TJ

    I can relate to so much of these ideas. I’m putting a lot of trust in myself that I’ll be able to figure shit out when I stop working at the end of the month. I’ve been hesitant to write about some master plan because plans change and it’s sort of in flux. Which is all pretty out of the comfort zone for me because I highly value structure, routine and a more or less a predictable organized life.

    I’ve written about the “false dichotomy of experiences vs. things” in the past and it’s one of those things in the minimalism/frugal PF world that I don’t particularly care for. It doesn’t have to be either/or. For most people, it’s probably a balance.

    I met you guys (in person, and via email) during very different stages in my life, so it’s so much fun to hear you connect with each other. Thanks for doing this.