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Cameron Glover on Inclusive Sex Education and The Value of Prioritizing Our Own Pleasure

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Cameron Glover on Inclusive Sex Education and The Value of Prioritizing Our Own Pleasure

Cameron Glover (she/her) is a sex educator, content creator, and sex ed business coach.

A fierce advocate for pleasure as transformative power, Cameron is passionate about supporting other sexuality professionals in creating thriving, authentic online businesses.

She's also the host of the Sex Ed in Color podcast centering the experiences of sexuality professionals of color.

In this episode, Cameron tells us all about her work as a sex educator for adults, and shares stories about why pleasure is a transformative power. She talks about specific practices to bring more pleasure into your life, why pleasure doesn't have to be "earned", how shame can block pleasure, and more.

We also talk about the sex-related beliefs and behaviors that she herself has had to unlearn, as well as some of what she does to make her industry more centered on marginalized voices and experiences—and of course I couldn't let her go without getting an excellent recommendation for ethical porn and a beginner sex toy.

All of that to say that this conversation is about sex, sure, but it's about so much more than that. You'll see...

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