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Fatima Alshameya on Play, Surrender, and The Power of Helping Just One Person

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Fatima Alshameya on Play, Surrender, and The Power of Helping Just One Person

Fatima Alshameya is a motivational speaker and certified life & business coach.

She helps Muslim women, particularly Muslim entrepreneur moms, who are struggling to balance everything and want to find a more peaceful way of living, working, and parenting.

In this episode, Fatima shares the two words that are guiding her life and business right now, she explains why she doesn't use social media, and we dive into tips and advice for setting graceful boundaries. She shares the path that lead her to her current coaching work, as well as a handful of wonderful (and hilarious!) stories from past jobs.

We also talk about her faith journey, from not being raised in an overly religious household to what she believes and practices today, and she also talks honestly about some of the hardship she has faced as a Muslim woman living in the south.

Fatima was a true delight to chat with, and this wide-ranging conversation left me feeling light and uplifted, and as if I've made a wonderful new friend. I hope the same is true for you!

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