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Jacki Carr on Living Your Values and Letting Go of The Past

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Jacki Carr on Living Your Values and Letting Go of The Past

Jacki Carr is a goal coach, writer, and public speaker who teaches the power of living a life based on your own true values.

She has been coaching goal-setters since 2009, and is the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss - an integration of yoga and coaching principles to help people bring about big shifts in their lives.

When she's not traveling to lead workshops and retreats, you'll find Jacki in her new hometown of Denver, Colorado, building community and camping with her man and two pups all over the Rocky Mountains.

In this episode, Jacki shares a few of her most transformative coaching tools and exercises, especially when it comes to living your values and letting go of past stories and baggage. Our conversation is a true tell-all about our past relationships, how we wound up with our husbands, our complicated feelings about social media, and more. She also shares how she's feeling as a newly pregnant mama-to-be, and the upcoming challenge and uncertainty of taking maternity leave as an entrepreneur who loves her work.

It's a deep, open, and inspiring conversation, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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