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Jamie Varon on Trusting Yourself and The Power of Taking Risks

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Jamie Varon on Trusting Yourself and The Power of Taking Risks

Jamie Varon is a writer and graphic designer living in Los Angeles. (She's also my very best friend!)

Represented by Annie Hwang of Folio Literary Management, Jamie's writing has been featured on Huffington Post, Complex/NTRSCTN, Medium, Thought Catalog, Teen Vogue, The Liberty Project, and SF Weekly.

She first started blogging back when Xanga was still a thing (wow, remember Xanga?) and has been sharing her life online for almost a decade. She splits her time between graphic design, freelance writing, and creative consulting, and she's also in the process of developing a memoir. On Instagram, you'll find her beautiful collection of handwritten tough-love notes, as well as what she calls "mini memoirs" - which are bite-size stories of truth.

In this episode, Jamie and I talk about the evolution of our friendship, about the challenges of growing up, the resistance to responsibility, the feeling of time scarcity ("omg, am I wasting my life??"), fantasy vs reality when it comes to our dreams, what it looks like to take risks and believe in yourself, the ups and downs of relationships, and so much more. Jamie also shares stories about solo travel, being an entrepreneur, and the experience of immigrating her husband from Tunisia to the United States.

This episode is filled with personal stories and deep reflection - exactly what Real Talk Radio is all about!

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