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Jason Fitzgerald on Running Fast and Working Hard

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Jason Fitzgerald on Running Fast and Working Hard

"One of the things I learned very early on as a runner that has been tremendously helpful for me is the fact that running is not a sport you do for an hour or two every day, it's a lifestyle. What that means is that if you really want to see what you’re capable of achieving as a runner, not only do you have to run year-round, but there are all the things that effect your workouts when you're not running: are you getting enough sleep? are you staying hydrated? are you eating healthy? are you making sure you're not playing a game of pick-up basketball an hour before you’re supposed to run because you're going to feel like crap and you won’t perform as well. So you always have to think about how your lifestyle is going to impact your running." - Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald is a USA Track & Field certified coach, 2:39 marathoner, and the founder of Strength Running. He helps over 200,000 runners per month race faster, get stronger, and prevent injuries by training smarter.

In this episode, Jason tells us all about his own running career, from how he started to the most memorable race to jealousy and comparison with other runners to the low moments of injury and thinking his running days were over.

He also talks openly about balancing his training with the business demands of coaching other runners, all while having a family with two young kids at home.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this conversation is how real Jason is about what it takes to be successful, both in running and in business. He doesn’t sugarcoat things or downplay the work he’s put in, and that’s exactly how I like it.

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