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Julia Hanlon on Changing Directions, Space to Heal, and Quitting Social Media

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Julia Hanlon on Changing Directions, Space to Heal, and Quitting Social Media

Julia Hanlon is passionate about asking questions that explore the mind, body, and spirit connection.

This has lead her to pursue yoga, running, and podcasting over the years, having discovered yoga at the age of 16 and eventually becoming a 500-hour yoga teacher at the age of 20. Julia’s passion for storytelling led her to create the Running On Om Podcast that features over 200 interviews with a diverse group of wellness innovators.

Julia lives in Boston, MA where she teaches yoga full-time and runs anywhere she finds trails.

If you've been listening to this show for a while, you'll remember Julia from when she interviewed me for my 5-year soberversary bonus episode. You might have also listened to the Real Talk Reflections series that she and I did on her podcast, Running On Om, last year, before she wrapped up the show to move on to other things.

It's such a treat to have Julia back today, and in this episode she shares all the details of why she quit her podcast and social media, how she follows her intuition even if other people don't understand or agree with her choices, why she values privacy and online connection over social media and internet community, and how she has given herself permission to heal.

I hope you love hearing from Julia as much as I enjoyed catching up with her!

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