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Kara Leigh Ford on the Realities (Money, Time, Sacrifice and Joy) of Being a Full-Time Creative

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Kara Leigh Ford on the Realities (Money, Time, Sacrifice and Joy) of Being a Full-Time Creative

Kara Leigh Ford is a potter, businesswoman, and blogger.

She studied fine art at university, specializing in painting, and upon graduating she got a 9-5 office job—and hated every minute. To fulfill her creative side she started talking introductory pottery classes in the evenings after work, and ten years later, in 2015, she gave up the day job to become a potter full-time. These days Kara works from her own studio in the garden of her home in Somerset, UK. She grew up by the coast though, and her beautiful pottery (which I'm proud to own a piece of!) is influenced by the changing moods of the ocean and the colours and textures of her favourite beaches.

In this episode, Kara shares openly and honestly about what it took to become a full-time working artist—digging into the specifics of money, timelines, sacrifices, and more. We talk about the pros and cons of turning your passion into your career, the reality of feeling career jealousy from time to time, as well as Kara's four guiding principles for her business.

We also dive into more personal topics as well, like Kara's choice not to have children, and she shares a lot of the challenges and emotional struggles that have come with that choice.

I've loved Kara's work for a good while now, and it was such a delightful treat to sit down together in her pottery studio for this conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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