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Katie Boué on Burnout, Doing Good Work, and Being an Outdoor Advocate

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Katie Boué on Burnout, Doing Good Work, and Being an Outdoor Advocate

Katie Boué is a Cuban-American outdoor advocate, freelance writer + social media expert, public speaker, and adventurer.

Katie’s love of being outside and sharing wild spaces is the focus of her work in the outdoor recreation industry. She sees opportunity for empowerment, empathy and action in every outdoorsy person–and she wants to help the outdoor community do good, from public lands politics + sustainability, to better access + inclusion in our parks and in the media.

In this episode, Katie tells the story of how she got started in her work as an outdoor advocate, going into detail about her initial "fake it til you make it" approach and all of the twists and turns that lead her to be on the verge of launching her own powerful advocacy initiative later this year.

We talk about everything from burnout to what advocacy even means to some suggested beginner steps to getting involved in the protection of public lands—and of course I also ask Katie (who is the ultimate desert lover) to teach us more about how to properly poop in desert environments.

This was such a good and honest conversation, and on the other side of it I'm honestly feeling both more hopeful and more empowered to get into this arena of outdoor advocacy myself.

I hope you enjoy our talk just as much!

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