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Kitty Cavalier on Pleasure and The Art of Seduction

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Kitty Cavalier on Pleasure and The Art of Seduction

Kitty Cavalier is the author of Sacred Seduction: A Guidebook, Memoir and Tribute to the Art of Seduction.

She travels the world offering workshops and retreats teaching women how to use seduction as a spiritual practice, and as a pathway to a pleasurable, sensual, well-lived life.

In this episode, Kitty gives me a crash course in living a sensual, seductive life by tackling big questions, like: What is seduction? What’s the purpose of feeling sexy? Why do we need to pay attention to our pleasure? What defines the Sacred Seductress archetype, and why is she an incredible role model?

Kitty also shares lots of personal stories - like how she went from wanting to be a nun to doing the work she does now, what it felt like to do her first burlesque performance, and more.

As someone who deeply wants to feel more comfortable in my own skin, I so loved this conversation - especially the quick exercise that Kitty took me through to explain the three phases of seduction.

I hope you love this as much as I did!

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