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Laura Jane Williams on Bravery and Being Your Own Best Friend

“You don’t need to have a romance to have a romantic life.” –  Laura Jane Williams

Laura Jane Williams is a freelance writer, perpetual traveler, author of The Book of Brave and creator of the blog

Refreshingly, Laura doesn’t dispense advice, and instead shares personal stories and acts as an advocate for our best selves - reminding us that we’re not all fucking up like we think we are.

In this conversation, Laura shares the story of leaving her job to write and travel, what it took for her to finally start liking herself and become her own best friend, how it feels when you’re making different choices from the people around you, why she doesn’t think of herself as a writer even though that’s how she shares her stories and makes her living, the power of supporting other women, and more.

More About Laura

Laura isn’t a “writer” so much as a human being who finds her doing in telling stories with words. She believes that we’re not all fucking up like we think we are, that we’re all doing our best – and she won’t ever give you advice. Laura reckons the most empowering thing you can do to help other isn’t to tell them what to do: it’s to be unafraid and unabashed about what you’re doing, and then let people do with that what they will. You’ve got to be brave with your life so that other people can be brave with theirs, is her theory, and she does that all over the internet as a freelance writer whilst travelling the world to wherever takes her fancy.

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