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Lauren Fleshman on Taking Risks, Enduring Pain, and the Evolution of Relationships

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Lauren Fleshman on Taking Risks, Enduring Pain, and the Evolution of Relationships

Lauren Fleshman is considered one of the greatest middle distance runners in USA history. California State Champion and Footlocker National runner-up for Canyon high school, Lauren went on to be one of the most decorated athletes in Stanford University and NCAA history, earning 5 NCAA titles, 15 All-American honors, and a spot in the Hall of Fame. Her professional racing career has brought 2 USA Championships and five World Championship berths for Team USA.

Lauren's pro racing years have been defined by a series of injuries and comebacks. These obstacles shaped her philosophical exploration of running, human potential, and transformation. Her mark on the sport has been defined by her authenticity, activism, and a desire to inspire confidence and connection through sport and creative expression.

Lauren is the co-author of the popular BELIEVE Training Journal. Her writing can also be found at Runner's World, Strava, Ask Lauren Fleshman, and Oiselle. She coaches the elite women runners of "Little Wing," is the co-founder and product developer of Picky Bars, the partner of pro triathlete Jesse Thomas, and mother to the adorable Jude.

In this episode, Lauren and I talk about relationships. She shares stories and behind-the-scenes truths about her relationship with running, her relationship to goal-setting, her relationship to pain, writing, and personal growth, and of course her relationship with her husband and fellow pro athlete Jesse Thomas. We get to hear the funny story of how Lauren's company (Picky Bars) got started, as well as tons of other fun things, like her favorite books, the best advice she's received from her running coaches, her favorite gift to give, and more. When it comes to real talk, thoughtfulness, and living your values Lauren is an important role model for me, and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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  1. Melinda

    I loved this episode. Thanks for creating, sharing and spreading the word of real – life athletes making it happen in so many ways. Lauren Fleshman is a true inspiration!