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Matt Frazier on Running, Compassionate Eating, and The Messy Reality of Setting Big Goals

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Matt Frazier on Running, Compassionate Eating, and The Messy Reality of Setting Big Goals

Matt Frazier is an author, speaker, runner, and the founder of, a fun, simple, and non-preachy place where you can get all the tools and inspiration you need to get fitter, faster, and happier on a plant-based diet.

Matt started his site in 2009, around the same time he went vegetarian. Six months later, he qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:09:59, which was over 100 minutes faster than his first marathon time seven years prior.

Since then, Matt has completed 50-mile and 100-mile ultramarathons, transitioned into a fully vegan diet, and now helps those who are interested to do the same.

Matt and his worldwide community of no meat athletes have been featured by Runner's World, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and more.

In this episode, Matt shares the honest story of how he became both a runner and a vegan. We talk about the challenges of making big lifestyle changes, how to stick with a long-term goal, when to quit a goal that no longer fits, and the fact that shame doesn't lead to change and that we're all entitled to eat/do whatever the hell we want. I've known Matt for a few years now, and this is perhaps my favorite conversation I've ever had with him. He's so honest throughout our talk - especially about things he's still questioning and working on in his own life, and he never pretends to have answers that he doesn't have. If you're curious about hearing the non-preachy truth behind someone else's journey into running and veganism, this episode is for you.

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