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Melissa Beaver on Motherhood, Identity, Faith, and Allowing Yourself To Change

Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Melissa Beaver on Motherhood, Identity, Faith, and Allowing Yourself To Change

Melissa Beaver is a mother of three, home educator, and co-owner of the online shop Willow + Burl, which sells beautiful handcrafted wood products.

When she is not spending time with family or creating pieces of wooden treasures, you'll find her reading or running, her two favorite ways to decompress.

In this episode, Mel and I get real about everything from faith and religion to education, the struggle of allowing yourself to change, and navigating non-mainsteam life choices. She shares stories of motherhood (and talks about how she didn't think she wanted to be a mother), goes into detail about how and why she homeschools her children, and so much more.

This conversation was exactly what I love about Real Talk Radio - just two people sharing stories and talking about life together. No "magic answers" and a whole lot of honest uncertainty. I hope you love Mel as much as I do!

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Website // Instagram (personal) // Instagram (Willow + Burl)

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