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Melissa Cassera on Ignoring Bad Advice and How To Build an Obsessed Fan Base For Your Work

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Melissa Cassera on Ignoring Bad Advice and How To Build an Obsessed Fan Base For Your Work

Melissa Cassera is an award-winning Publicity Expert for people who haaa-ate promoting their businesses. Her delectable advice has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News as well as glossy magazines and web portals like Glamour Magazine, Redbook Magazine, AMEX Open and Forbes. More than anything, Melissa is known for teaching entrepreneurs how to get more publicity and sales — while making every step feel like a total guilty pleasure.

In this episode, we discuss Melissa's years living in an Airstream trailer with her husband and their dogs, how to balance multiple passions/jobs, the need to check references and experience for any coach or teacher you work with, how to make your business feel like a guilty pleasure, and what it takes to build an obsessed fan base for your work.

More About Melissa

Melissa hails from Philly and has eaten more cheesesteaks in her lifetime than she cares to admit. At age 10, she started penning risqué, shocking, soap opera-like dramas about her 5th grade classmates. Writing these dramas temporarily transformed Melissa from “unpopular outsider” to “A-List entertainer,” and she relished the taste of fame — at least, until an unfeeling teacher shut the project down.

Today, Melissa uses her 10+ years of experience as a PR strategist and marketing and communication virtuoso to lead multi-million dollar campaigns for companies and start-ups in the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, and France.

While road-tripping across America with her husband and four dogs in an Airstream trailer, she found herself uninspired to do her “real” work — and instead, procrastinated by writing erotic stories and screenplay treatments. (Daydreaming while clocking thousands of miles on the road will do that to a girl.)

Her first original TV pilot tells the story of a man with precognitive abilities and a prominent politician’s wife who become dangerously entangled after he uses one of his visions to save her life. Melissa currently splits her time between the beaches of Malibu and sipping wine on a farm in Napa. Check out more behind-the-scenes action at:

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