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Michelle Jackson-Saulters on Marriage, Adventure, and Work/Life Balance

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Michelle Jackson-Saulters on Marriage, Adventure, and Work/Life Balance

Michelle Jackson-Saulters serves as the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of the Outdoor Journal Tour.

You'll remember the Outdoor Journal Tour from episode 180, in which I interviewed Michelle's wife and co-founder, Kenya Jackson-Saulters, all about the program they created in 2015 to spread mindfulness and movement. To date, this work has touched over 3,000 women.

But the Outdoor Journal Tour is not all that Michelle does—professionally she is a bilingual Sales & Service Manager for the largest airline catering company in the world. With over a decade of industry experience she has excelled as the youngest member of her team, and it was such a treat to dig into her experiences as someone with both a full-time corporate job and a passionate side hustle.

On the eve of her 34th birthday, Michelle started "The year of Michelle" journal, a self-inquiry experiment to help her to better understand and know herself. Said journal has now turned into a 3+ year exploration, which we dig into in detail in this episode.

Our conversation covers so many topics that the first thing I said to Michelle after we finished recording was, "Oh my god this episode is going to be impossible to title!" We talk about journaling, marriage, jealousy, forming adult relationships with our aging parents, compromise, hiking and backpacking, trying new things, work-life balance, and more.

Michelle is such a warm, honest, and thoughtful woman, and it was a real delight for me to have this conversation with her. I hope you enjoy it just as much!

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