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Nicole Antoinette on Quitting Drinking, Changing Your Life, and Celebrating Five Years of Sobriety

If you’ve listened to this show in the past, you’re already familiar with what we do here. Each season, I sit down with 8 different people - everyone from athletes, writers, and entrepreneurs to parents, life coaches, artists, and many others - to open up about the truth of what’s really going on in our lives. We go deep on all the behind-the-scenes stuff - like our daily routines, guilty pleasures, regrets, fears, current struggles, goal-setting systems, self-care practices, and more.

Today is a special bonus episode for you, one that I’m releasing between season 4 and season 5 of the regular show, in which I’m actually the one being interviewed.

May 1 marks my five year soberversary - five years since I first quit drinking - and I wanted to take this chance to reflect on my past, on my complex and often self-destructive history with drinking, on the process of getting sober, and on how I’m feeling now that five years have passed. To do this, I invited my dear friend Julia Hanlon - host of the wonderful Running On Om podcast - to interview me.

Julia helps me tell my story about alcohol, and we dig into the sticky emotional side of what it’s been like to make such a big life change. I share the pain that lead me to quit drinking in the first place, what healing has looked like for the past five years, and what I’m still struggling with and working on when it comes to staying sober.

This conversation is honest, raw, and emotional, and I’m so grateful to Julia for helping me to share it with you.

As always, my hope is that listening in will make you laugh, think, and feel less alone - especially if you’re struggling with a big life change of your own right now.

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  1. Sharron

    Thank you for this podcast. It’s something I still struggle with, thank you for sharing. X