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Sarah Peck on Being a Beginner and Defining Truth For Yourself

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Sarah Peck on Being a Beginner and Defining Truth For Yourself

“I’m taking these hip-hop dance classes, and I’m like the gangliest, most awkward person in the back of the class, trying to learn how to move my body in this new way, but I think there’s something really fun about constantly being a beginner because it reminds you what other people’s beginner experiences are like and it lets you connect.” - Sarah Peck

Sarah Peck is VP of Product at One Month, an online school for accelerated education that teaches people business and coding skills in as little as 30 minutes a day. She is also an essayist, a speaker, and an open-water swimmer who once raised $33,000 for charity: water by swimming naked from Alcatraz back to San Francisco.

In this episode, Sarah and I discuss the power of being a beginner, how (and when) to push through a dip in motivation, the process of learning to sit still and meditate, how the concept of “truth” isn’t as fixed as we think it is, the myths of productivity, and so much more.

And, of course, she tells the full story of her fundraiser for charity: water!

More About Sarah

Sarah's writing on psychology, motivation, and human behavior has been featured on Psychology Today, Fast Company, Life Hacker, 99U, and more. In her free time, she teaches workshops on storytelling, content strategy, marketing, and creative writing.

Her mission is to find and capture insights from everyday, extraordinary living and share them with others. She writes about the psychology of navigating the professional world, the millennial generation, the ever-changing work landscape, staying motivated, and current entrepreneurial, business, management, and teamwork strategies.

Sarah's current research focuses on the intersection of connection, community, loneliness, and storytelling. How we communicate and connect to each other — through words, ideas, businesses, infrastructure, and design — helps us create value and meaning in our lives and communities.

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