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Sarah Von Bargen on Goals, Professional Blogging, and The Power of the Stories We Tell About Ourselves

Sarah Von Bargen is a writer, blogger, and consultant. She started her blog, Yes and Yes, in 2008, and since then has built an audience of 11,000+ daily readers and been featured in places like LifeHacker, Problogger, Glamour,, and many others.

In addition to her blog, she helps creatives, bloggers, and small businesses to create super doable, totally effective, and non-overwhelming plans for internet domination.

She's also the creator of a ridiculous calendar that features her cat dressed in literary-themed costumes. (As a fellow crazy cat person, you can probably start to get a glimpse of why I love Sarah so much!)

In this episode, Sarah talks about solo female travel, realistic minimalism, why she prioritizes time to try new things, and her current attempt to back away from huge goals and instead focus on slowing down and being present in her life. We talk a lot about the stories we tell about ourselves, and how those stories can hold us back. She shares the different income streams that allow her to blog full-time, plus some of what she's learned about budgeting without being miserable. It's a really honest, fun conversation, and I hope you love it!

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