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Shenee Howard on Setting Expectations, Handling Negativity, and Building Your Right-Fit Business

Shenee Howard is a writer and brand strategist with over five years of experience helping people to do what they want and get paid for it.

She is also a screenwriter and director who created the webseries Did You Meet Any Boys?, and she recently moved from Austin to Los Angeles. 

In this episode, Shenee and I discuss our ups and downs in business - including how we react to and handle negative feedback and the question of how to sell what you make in a non-sleazy way. She shares the fundamentals of her Brand Chemistry Quiz, which she created to help people identify their strengths and the type of business they actually want to build. We talk about daily routines, our relationship with social media, the trap of wanting results without being willing to do the hard work that's necessary to get those results (both in business and with exercise), and more. She shares her desire to become a runner, so of course we geek out on that, and she also shares a list of her favorite podcasts, books, and other resources. All in all, this is a deep, honest conversation and I'm so grateful for everything Shenee shared with us! 

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