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Vanessa Friedman on Why and How To Invest in Friendship

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Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette
Vanessa Friedman on Why and How To Invest in Friendship

Vanessa Friedman is a queer fat femme Jewitch writer, editor, and photographer currently based in New York.

She’s the community editor at Autostraddle and an MFA creative non-fiction candidate at Sarah Lawrence College, and she writes about queer friendship, home, nature, desire, and the body. Her words have been published at Autostraddle, Nylon, Shape, and elsewhere. She also writes a biweekly newsletter called I Miss You, which you can subscribe to over in the show notes.

In this episode Vanessa and I have a deep conversation about adult friendship—maintaining existing ones, developing new ones, breaking up with friends, going deeper with friends, investing in friendships as much or more than other types of relationships, etc.

I'm fascinated by the beautiful, fraught, and nuanced topic of friendship, and when I started thinking about who to invite for this conversation Vanessa was the first person that came to mind, since friendship is such a bright, genuine part of her life, and it's something she invests in more deeply, intentionally, and impactfully than pretty much anyone I know.

If you've been wanting deeper friendships, if you're in a place of re-evaluating your friendships, if you'd love to make new friends or accept a changing or fading friendship, I bet you'll love this episode (and Vanessa's honest story telling!) as much as I do.

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