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This is Real Talk Radio, a podcast filled with honest conversations about... everything!

Starting in late October 2020 we'll be sharing a new series of episodes called: But How Though? where host Nicole Antoinette asks people that exact question: how? 

How do you get out of debt? How do you change careers? How do you stop comparing yourself to people on the internet? How do you have more fulfilling sex? Build stronger friendships? Decide whether or not to have kids? Each episode of this series explores a different question with a different featured guest, someone who is bravely joining us to share the honest stories and logistical details of their real life "how". 

Did you know that Real Talk Radio is 100% listener-funded?

That means no ads, no sponsors, and no outside influence. Also: All of our guests get paid, and higher rates are always paid to our guests of color, as well as our queer and trans guests and others with traditionally marginalized identities. The funding to create this show and pay all the guests comes entirely from our Patreon community, which operates on a shame-free sliding scale that allows each community member to support from within their means.

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